Kelly says “Let’s Go!”

Several months ago I attempted the Couch to 5K, a fitness training program for running a 5k, with a gradual increase in intensity. Now, I’ve discovered a new option: Pooch to 5K! A training program for running with your dog!

Dogs rely upon us to give them what they need for physical fitness. Pooch to 5k is designed to bring your dog from doing nothing much, to comfortably running 5km. And, because you’ll be running with your dog, you’ll benefit too! Probably the only thing that could get me motivated to run 5k is if my dog really enjoyed doing it with me!

The site is run by Audrey, a veterinarian and Francis, a dog trainer and certified athletics coach. You can visit their blog, subscribe to their newsletter and download their training material.

Exercise can be tough work for some of us (like me!). I know I need a little encouragement to get out there and push myself. And exercising with my dog really makes the experience more enjoyable. That’s why I’m going to give it a try and see how far we can go. Check out Pooch to 5k, and you and your dog may soon be on your way to an enjoyable fitness program …together!