Four little paws…two furry ears…one waggy tail….a new little puppy is soon joining our family. My son is getting his first dog of his very own in just two more days, and we all couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s new puppy, resting up until he is old enough to go home.

 Although my son is grown and living on his own, I’ll get plenty of puppy love. When I mentioned that it wasn’t fair to get a puppy and leave it home all day while he was working, well….I opened myself up for this–I’ll be taking care of the dog in my home every day while he’s at work. Can’t say that I’m disappointed. I hope Kelly and Ike will feel the same.

So, what does it take to prepare for a new puppy? Andy and I took a trip to the pet store, and here’s what he ended up with:

Training pads, jingle bells for the door, nylabones, puppy Kong, a stuffed bunny, poo bags and collapsible dog bowl for trips to the dog park, toys, dog food and treats, and of course squeaky tennis balls!
Nice comfy dog bed, various collars and leashes (we had extras, including a New York Yankees collar and leash set), bamboo food and water bowls, a crate for in the house, and a carry crate for in the car (we had spares of these to give him.)
Puppy exercise pen to keep puppy safe when our son is in the shower or just needs 5 minutes break!

Did we miss anything?