Paws for Thought

Last night Zeke and Ike were playing rough, and I had to get out one of my favorite pictures of them together to remind myself of quieter times.
Yup, this is one of my favorite pictures. Young and old. Ike was so accepting of puppy Zeke, and Zeke loved his Uncle Ike. Even though Zeke lives with my son Andy in their own place, we babysat him during the day for nearly a year, and he still comes to play often. 
I love seeing the dogs interact when Zeke was a puppy. Ike was tolerant, and Zeke was rambunctious. Ike may have let him get away with more than he should, but when necessary Ike taught the whippersnapper the boundaries. But what was most interesting was the way Zeke liked to cuddle with Ike. What a blessing to see the bond between them.
It can be that way with family. We’re all different. We have different personalities and temperaments. But there are those times, when it’s quiet and easy, that we know we’re truly grateful to be together. 
Later last night Ike and Zeke quieted down, and sure enough, they curled up near each other peacefully. Only now, Zeke is bigger than Ike. Yeah, that’s another thing about families. At some point the younger brother may sprout up and grow taller than the older. Or the kids become teenagers and are bigger than Mom. (That definitely happened here!).  Things change. But that’s okay. They always settle down after a while.
And then it all changes again.