Today’s topic? FOOD!

Hi! My name is Ike, and my mom is a Chewy Influencer. That means that she gets cool things from, and writes a review. And I get to do the sampling of food! So today I’m taking over the blog because after all, isn’t my opinion what really matters?

 What is number one important to us dogs? That’s right…food! So we have to train our humans to give us the food we like. Okay so here are some of the flavors I like: steak, bacon, waffles, dirt, socks, pizza, trash… yeah so I don’t have the world’s most discerning palate. But, this brings me to point number 2…

 When it comes to food, your human is (sometimes) smarter than you. There are some things us dogs can’t do. Like read a label. And the whole opposable thumb thing. I know my humans love me and want the best for me. So I trust them to feed me the best food.

But I also want to train my human to give me what I like to eat. So here’s the thing. Today she received this bag of Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Peak dog food from Chewy.

We received Northern Woodlands Recipe. I saw on the bag that it contains
duck, quail and turkey. Yum! My mom said that it’s grain free, which
she says is important because I have allergies to some foods such as
wheat. I checked it out for her. Yup smells good.

The #1 ingredient is U.S. farm raised turkey. Again, yumm. It contains 30% high quality protein. Whatever that means, I don’t know. But she says protein is good for me. She also said, “blah blah blah Ike blah blah Ike blah good boy.”

So far I like what I see. Now is Mom ever going to give me any? If she does, and I like it, I’m going to have to figure out how to train her to keep on giving me more. But for now, I’d better sit right here by the bag close my eyes and make a wish that it doesn’t get away.

See you next time! I’ll let you know next time how I like it.


Full Discolosure: We received one bag of Nutrish Peak dog food in exchange for my honest review. This in no way influenced my opinion. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.