It’s raining today and Kelly is just looking listlessly out the window staring at the raindrops. I’m kinda the same way too. It took me 2 hours to send a message to contacts about a change of email address. (Don’t ask!)
Kelly and I have been trying to get more exercise. No easy task. Especially on days like today. How do you get your dog to exercise on a day like this? Do any of your dogs enjoy playing in the rain? I generally toss Kelly a tennis ball, hurling it up the stairs so that by the time she scrambles up after it, it’s bounced back down. Good exercise right?
For myself, I’ve been using the elliptical machine. I’ve never tried a treadmill. In the Will Smith movie, I am Legend, the dog Sam had her own treadmill. This is what I’d like to know: do any of your dogs use a treadmill? If so, post a picture. This I’ve got to see!