Brooks likes to help me get fit.

How many times have you said, “I wish I could take my dog to the gym with me.”?
“I don’t have time to get in my own exercise AND exercise the dog every day.”

Well believe it or not, there are some real solutions to this problem. Of course, you can walk or jog with your dog. Pooch to 5k is a great place to start. It’s not a camp you can go to, but an amazing running program for you and your dog that you can follow along online, get some great tips and encouragement. And who knows, you might soon find yourself and your dog running a 5k!

There are also fitness camps, classes and programs for people AND pets. Kind of like a real life K9Kamp! Check these out:

1. Doggy & Me Fitness, various locations in California.  Workouts include walking, jogging, strength training, hill work, and stair climbing, all with your leashed dog at your side. Sessions end with stretching for you and treats for your pup!

2. Leash Your Fitness also of California, offers cardio, balance, strength, dog yoga, and special fun events. Classes include a boot camp and running club. The website is very well designed and gives answers to all your questions!

Leash Your Fitness

3.  Thank Dog Boot Camp  unites a workout for people along with obedience classes for dogs. Locations in California, Cleveland Ohio, Boston Massachusetts, and Toronto.

4. FitDog in Austin Texas includes cardio, agility, speed, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility. The camp’s goal is to increase fitness and strengthen bonds.

When I wrote Dieting with my Dog, I was about as far away from this concept as you could get. I didn’t exercise with myself, much less with Kelly.  At first, just short walks around the block were all I could manage. And I wasn’t a hundred pounds or more overweight, I was just seriously out of shape. Well, to be honest, I probably never was in shape. At least not since I was in college. And that was…well, a couple few dozen years ago.

After I got active and took off the weight I learned that I had to KEEP active. Yeah, that was a difficult lesson. Classes like these would be a lot of fun. And that’s why Koly and Kelly’s K9Kamp is a lot of fun too! Getting out and doing something different, knowing others are joining in and blogging about it makes getting fit almost painless!

Have you ever joined a Dog and Me type fitness class? If not, would you join if one was located close by?

**While you’re all busy signing up for bootcamp or making plans to do some exercising with your dog, you might need some supplies. Check out Kol’s Notes today for Essential Products for Active Pups.

***And, do you know where else you can get some fun toys and supplies for you and your dog? Just follow the link here to go to our k9kamp prize page. It’s quick and easy to sign up and you won’t believe all the great things you can win….leashes, harness, toys, books and even a Nike+ sports band!