Since I’ve been trying to eat healthier, I’m constantly searching for ways to satisfy my sweet tooth, while still not eating too much fat and too many calories. My new favorite snack, which is actually not strictly diet food… is Scooby Doo baked Graham Cracker Sticks. I had to double check the package– in the people food aisle–to be sure it wasn’t a misplaced box of dog treats. But to be sure, Scooby snacks are delicious. They taste like those Bit-O-Honey candies. And it’s great if you’re in need of something crunchy after eating all that yogurt and salads.

At first I thought I was eating something fairly healthy. Baked…good. Graham crackers are generally low in fat… good. The front of the box says “good source of calcium.” Since I drink much more Diet Coke than milk, I could use calcium. But in checking the side panel, I see that a serving contains 10% of your daily needs of calcium. Is that “good”? Then, as I read on, I notice first on the list of ingredients is “enriched wheat flour” which sounds good (enriched…must be better, right?) but I’ve learned that enriched actually means they’ve taken out all the good stuff and added in artificial vitamins and minerals. That’s a disappointment.

Overall, one serving (9 crackers) is 130 calories (about as much as a bowl of cereal) and 4g fat. If I stopped at 9 crackers, I suppose that wouldn’t be bad. But who can stop, when mindlessly munching a bite-sized tasty dog bone shaped treat? Throw me another Scooby Snack, Shaggy.