If you’ve got a dog, and if you’ve got dog poo, then you’ll want to read this Guest Post today!
Go Green and Be a Good Neighbor, Too
by Kristina Zelisko for GABPProperty, distributor of biodegradable pet waste bags. As those of us who live in urban areas know, being on friendly terms with your neighbors is important. You don’t have to be best friends but if you have a pleasant and friendly relationship with them, they can inevitably save you a lot of headaches. Maybe they collect and hold that parcel that arrives while you’re at work or shut off the sprinkler you forgot about before heading out for the day. The benefits can be endless, and if you have a bad relationship, the hassles can be endless as well. Being a good neighbor isn’t just about keeping the noise down or saying “hi!” across the fence, especially if you are a dog owner. One of the most common problems neighbors run into is cleaning up the doggy poo. Here are some reasons you should use biodegradable pet waste bags for quick and easy clean up: · Short of being unsightly, dog feces are a health hazard. If you take time to regularly clean up after your pet, you’ll be able to help prevent the spread of disease (of both the human and animal variety). · Some reports have suggested that it may take up to 500 years for a plastic bag to break down in a landfill. The biodegradable dog waste bags can be buried, thrown in backyard compost piles, or even collected by your community and taken to a biodegradable waste composting site. You can play a huge part in helping the environment by using these bags. · Lastly, imagine a nice long hot spell in the summer and you have a lawn filled with a million little “dog bombs.” Your dog may not be doing its business in your neighbor’s yard, but chances are they’ll be dealing with the aroma of it. Grabbing a bag and quickly scooping up the poo can save you the time and hassle of cleaning it all later. So be a good neighbor, clean up after your dog, and take part in the “Go Green” movement while you do!
Note: Kristina kindly sent me a sample of Paw Pal biodegradable doggy doo bags to try out. We were very happy with the results, and are happy about the environmental aspect.Pros: largesturdynot see-through (no one will ever know what’s inside! lol)biodegradable, baby!Cons:too large for those little dispensers, if you use them.