It sure is great to be a Chewy Influencer! This month sent us some awesome dog food to sample and review. Ike is my taste tester for this–he thinks that this is a fun job!

So, this food was kind of fun. It’s breakfast for dogs! I feed dry food but sometimes add wet food for a treat, especially with my senior dogs who find it easier to chew. We got to sample Blue Buffalo Healthy Starts Country Skillets Turkey and Egg. I never thought of giving my dogs breakfast food before, although they have had, and love, scrambled eggs.

The Blue Buffalo wet food is grain free which is a must for Ike. It is also natural, complete and balanced with plenty of protein and extra B12 for energy and gastrointestinal health. Turkey is the number one ingredient, followed by chicken broth, chicken liver, dried egg.

Ike loves the taste. He rarely gets wet food, and couldn’t get enough of it. I just use it for a bonus for him– feeding instructions say 3 to 4 tubs per 10 lbs of body weight per day, so if this was the only food I used for Ike, I’d be serving him 24 or more tubs of food a day! Even Kelly would need 8 or more tubs a day if that was all she ate, which would not be cost effective. I find it works best as a dry food topper. I also mix medicine in with the wet food and the dogs gobble it right down, no problem.

The only negative for me was that the food is a very unappealing brown glop. The dogs don’t mind of course but whenever I open a tub it looks kind of gross.

Of course one of the best parts is getting the food so fast through It was on my doorstep in two days!

If your dog enjoys wet food, or for an extra treat on top of their kibble, Ike thinks they’d like Blue Buffalo Healthy Skillets! In Egg with Beef, Chicken, Turkey or Salmon.


Full Disclosure: We were provided one case of Blue Buffalo Healthy Starts wet food tubs for our honest review. This in no way influenced our review. Opinions expressed here are 100%  my own.