Tomorrow is it…the last Give Cancer the Paw blog hop. We’ve done what we’ve set out to do–raise awareness about canine cancer. Share news of different studies and treatments too. But most of all to support each other. Canine cancer touches at least 50% of our dogs. You may have experienced it personally, or know of a friend, or a blog pal with a pet touched by cancer. So for our last Give Cancer the Paw hop Tomorrow, August 6th, we’d like to do something really special. 

 We’re inviting you to pay tribute to a special dog or cat (or any pet) who has or has had cancer–it doesn’t have to be your own. All you have to do is write a post mentioning the name of a pet who is a survivor, is battling, or has crossed over the bridge.Your childhood dog. A neighbor’s cat. Or wouldn’t it be nice to honor a blog hero you admire?

Since we don’t have a lot of time (did I mention this is tomorrow?!) this hop is going to be really simple–just a picture and the pets name would be a lovely post. Or if you want, you can also write about why that pet is so special. Anything you want.

We’d love to have you join and make our last Give Cancer the Paw hop an amazing one to shine a candle on all the truly amazing special pets who are so brave. They hold a special place in our hearts.

Thank you and we hope to see you tomorrow. Let’s honor all the pets!
Give Cancer the Paw hop is co-hosted by The Writer’s Dog and Pooch Smooches.