Since my book is about dieting with my dog, I’m always interested in other pet owners’ struggles with keeping their pets slim and trim. Most often, the pet weight gain is simply a case of a few extra pounds due to a few too many doggie cookies or table scraps. Well-intentioned owners (like myself) may overfeed their pet as a misguided way of showing love. Kelly gained about 8 extra pounds, which was substantial on her then 35 pound cocker-spaniel sized frame.

Sometimes, however, the situation truly gets out of control. An interesting post on the blog Dog-Owned Life by Mark Ramirez alerted me to an obese British Dalmatian which topped the scales at 154 pounds. The owner fed the dog chocolate and crisps (potato chips).

This Dalmatian was so fat he could barely move. So sad. Fortunately, last June the dog was taken from its owner and put on a diet. According to officials, “Pet owners have a legal duty to provide proper care under the Animal Welfare Act.” Now the dog is a healthy weight and will be taken into a new home. The owner was banned from having pets for ten years.

What worked for Kelly was no table scraps, smaller size dog biscuits, and lots of daily walks. It takes effort, but she’s slimmer and happier now. And so am I!