In my new book, I’m writing a lot about dieting. The subject that never goes away.
This past year I lost a lot of weight, but those last few pounds are still hanging on.

And I know why.

I haven’t yet fully committed to my lifestyle changes. I know that the changes I’ve made over the last year work. But part of me misses the old me. I can’t quite let go of those desires to veg on the couch or succumb to the temptation of gooey pizza.

One day I’m eating healthy and sweating on the elliptical. The next day lo and behold! I’ve lost weight. Yay! Then, I slip back into a few of my old habits. Not too many. But enough to make a negative impact. I know what I’m doing wrong. I choose a reasonable snack, like crunchy whole grain dry cereal. But I munch it directly out of the box, gobbling unmeasured handfuls until I’ve consumed an unhealthy amount of even a healthy product. Then, before I know it, a weight gain. I feel guilty, so I get back to business the next few days. Inevitably, however, I slip and I’ve eaten a massive burrito from Moe’s with cheese and sour cream, just because we had a Buy-One-Get-One-Free coupon.

So here I am again. My new size 8 pants feel snug. I’m muffin-topping over the waistband. I feel sluggish and heavy. But still, I’m armed with tools that have worked for me in the past. I just have to put them back into action. Okay I can do it!

Paws for Reflection: Knowing what to do is easier than following through. But following through is the part that counts.