It used to be that church was an obligation, something I went to because I felt it was good for me. That all changed, gradually, when I found the right church and most importantly, the right church family. A few years ago when my husband needed emergency surgery, I felt alone– and pretty frightened too. My mom lived out of state, my in-laws were out of town. It was spring break time and almost all my friends were away on vacation. I wasn’t used to handling emergencies, especially hospital stuff. Suddenly, my phone started ringing. Someone from my church called, asking if there was anything they could do. I didn’t know what to say. But after that, people I didn’t even know picked me up and gave me rides to and from the hospital. Others brought delicious meals and groceries. Someone drove 3 hours away to pick up my daughter at college to bring her home. Still others sent cards of encouragement. Fortunately, my husband soon recovered. And the help we received will not be forgotten. Best of all, now when I go to church, I’m not there because I feel it’s my obligation. I go because I want to be there, because it’s where I’m surrounded by people who care, and who I care about too.