Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day!
Why? you might ask. Is this just a day to get torment our bosses and reduce work productivity? Who’s idea was this anyway, and what purpose does it serve?

Take Your Dog To Work Day actually has a wonderful purpose. First celebrated in 1999, the day was created by Pet Sitters International and the goal is to encourage pet adoptions from shelters, humane societies and rescue groups. When you and your beautiful dog stroll into the office, co-workers without dogs will see the bond between you and your pooch, and may want to consider adopting one of their own.

It also serves to encourage the value of pets in the workplace. Employers find that the day boosts morale and also is a great public relations opportunity. So I hope all offices are going to the dogs today.

In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, check out my 5 Great Jobs for Dogs. And enjoy these adorable videos of dogs going to work.

Such a sweet video of dogs in the office. Cutest dogs!

These dogs are having fun playing in the office

This tiny dog fits under office furniture

Weather dog

This weatherman didn’t expect to see a dog on the set: