Can a snack be healthy and delicious too? I must say that Kelly is a bit of a junk food junkie. She isn’t very attracted to veggies.

So when I found out that today’s Tasty Tuesday recipe on Kol’s Notes involved green beans, well let’s just say I wasn’t optimistic. But, I was willing to try.

I followed the recipe (You can find Tasty Tuesday on Kol’s Notes every week!). The green beans were coated with  chicken powder and baked crispy crunchy. They almost didn’t resemble green beans anymore! Could I trick Kelly?

To test things out, I gave Kelly one green bean, fresh and plain.
As you can see, she wasn’t impressed.

Now, here is Kelly eating the green beans after Kol’s recipe.

Success! She loved them!

 I am excited to say that she couldn’t get enough of them. The recipe is easy, but it does take some time to bake in the oven, so be sure to save this for a day when you have extra time. If you want to try, check out the recipe today on Kol’s Notes.
Does your dog eat green bean? Have you tried coating them with chicken?!