Brainy Bones recently sent me 3 dog bone puzzle toys to test. See how they fared. And keep reading…at the end, you can WIN one of 3 Brainy Bones for your dog too!

The competitors:
Kelly: Cocker Spaniel-Long-haired Dachshund mix, quick, clever, spunky
Brooks: Golden Retriever, lovable, agreeable, easy-going

The challenge:
Who can open their Brainy Bone Interactive Puzzle and eat the treat inside first?

Brainy Bones are anew line of dog brain stimulation toys from Jolly Pets. The toys are for interactive play only and not meant to be used as a chew toy.

They come in 3 different designs:

Peek-a- Bone, the easiest. Just stuff with a treat and close. Your dog works to open the cap and get out the treat.

Whirl-a-Bone- next most difficult. Place a treat inside and close. Your dog has to whirl the top around to open and reveal the treat.

Tug-a-Bone– the most difficult. Fill inner cavity with a treat and close. Your dog has to tug the middle section, and rotate while continuing to pull to find the treat.

Both dogs were excited to play. Now, before you read the results, let me just say that we love Brooks. We adore Brooks. He’s the sweetest dog in the world. Okay, I just had to say that.

I gave Brooks the easiest, Peek-a-Bone.
He worked

 And worked

 And worked

He did manage to get the cap open, but couldn’t figure out how to get the biscuit out! Even when he had it upside down and the treat half sticking out, he didn’t seem to get it.He spent a lot of time chewing on the back. Despite his lack of progress he didn’t get discouraged, but seemed to enjoy the experience and  texture of the bone (While it is not a chew toy, there is no way to avoid them chewing on it during play. Just be sure to supervise your dog.). I had to “help” Brooks get his dog treat in the end!

Kelly, however, made quick work of the puzzles.
I gave her the Whirl-a-Bone first and she had it open in a matter of seconds.

The Tug-a-Bone took a little longer, but not too long. She did the puzzle 3 times while Brooks worked on his. And she thoroughly enjoyed the process.Her tail wagged the whole time, and she was happily engaged.

Brooks and Kelly give Brainy Bones 8 paws way up! I highly recommend these toys as a fun interactive way to challenge your dog. If you have a border collie or other clever breed, she will probably be like Kelly and make quick work of it. But if you have an Average Joe like Brooks, he will probably spend much happy time engaged in the toy.
Now, here is your chance to win! Good luck!
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