Does your dog like his dog food’s taste?
How do you know for sure?

 Kelly is trying out a new dog food, Solid Gold. Last week we discussed the ingredients in Solid Gold Buck Wild food. This week I want to talk about taste.

Obviously, the main way you can tell if a dog likes the taste of their food is if they eat it. That being said, most of my dogs will happily eat anything including dirt, grass, bugs, garbage and yes, even you-know-what. But here’s a funny thing that happened while I’ve been feeding Solid Gold.

Kelly has been enjoying her Solid Gold meals, while Ike has been eating his regular kibble. After the dogs eat, they have a habit of switching places, and licking the bottom of the other one’s bowl, sniffing around on the floor and finding any stray bits the other dog may have missed.

After a week or so of this, Ike began rejecting his own food. He just stopped eating it. If you know golden retrievers, this is not a common occurrence! Ike usually eats anything, including kale (yuck!).
I checked his mouth, his tummy, etc. and he didn’t seem ill otherwise. So, I offered him some of Kelly’s Solid Gold food.

Sure enough, he ate that!

The only conclusion I could come to is that Ike preferred the taste of the leftover bits from Kelly’s bowl, and by comparison didn’t like his own food anymore. So now I am feeding both dogs Solid Gold and having no problems at all.

Do you think your dog would like Solid Gold? Next week I’ll be giving away a prize package of Solid Gold food, scoop, treats and other goodies! So stay tuned!

Full Disclosure:
* Solid Gold supplied me with a 3 month supply of Solid Gold venison formula
to review and a VIP prize package of food and treats to give away. This in no way influenced my opinions. All opinions expressed here
are 100% my own. No money was given in exchange for this review.