Top 10 Things I Learned at
Koly and Kelly’s K9 Kamp 

10. I can’t blame Kelly for my laziness…she likes to exercise!

9. Technically, it’s still a game of Fetch even when the dog won’t return the stick. But, that’s something I’d like to work on with Kelly. (Me: Kelly drop it!  Kelly: Make me!)

8. You can burn more calories walking if you let your dog lead you around. Kelly has a different idea of how to navigate the neighborhood than I do, and it often involved side routes and trails off the beaten path.

7. Never jump over obstacles with your dog while trying to capture it all on camera at the same time. Unless you are much more coordinated than I. (My knees still hurt!)

6. Always reward your dog with a belly rub for a job well done.

5. Kelly loves spending time with me, and working out together means we’re doing something good for our health as well.

4. I have no upper body strength. None. 

3. I used to think I was doing a great thing by getting off my butt and walking the dog once a day. Now I see that we both really need more, and it’s so beneficial to get more active every day.

2. I don’t have to just walk with my dog for exercise. There are many other activities that are great exercise and lots of fun too.

1. Dogs make the best fitness buddies!

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Well, I am very sad to say that I could not physically complete this week’s challenge.  I have some very painful knee issues that inevitably flare up with the change of the seasons, so a fast-paced game of chase was not an option for me.  We did a lot of work on heeling at a walking pace, so maybe that counts?  I wish I could have done more, but it’s been painful just to walk at a normal pace and if I push myself too hard, I will regret it!
“Well, this week’s challenge was a fun one – we finally had some nice weather, so we were actually able to spend some time outside instead of doing our challenge inside hiding from the rain.  In order to get Bella to chase me around, I had to rely on the rope bone.  I suppose it was only fitting.  It’s the common thread that connects each of our weekly challenges, after all.”
Check out what Pam and Oskar have been up to! If I know Oskar, he’s been begging for bacon, but Pam won’t let him get away with that without completing his workout first!

Oh how I wish this challenge took place last week when temps were in the 40’s! However, temps this weekend were in the 80’s, and running with a Newf in temps like this is not the best idea! So we attempted to do this challenge at dusk when the temps were cooler. When we first started Sherman looked at me like I was crazy. Seriously he did, he sat down and watched me run around the yard like I was a crazy lady. (I think he thought that I had finally went over the deep end!
So after many minutes of running around the yard with him staring at me I finally got the hint that my approach was not working. So I went and grabbed his favorite tennis ball, showed it to him and THEN hid it in my pocket and ran around the yard! Sherman, being totally obsessed with his tennis ball came chasing after at me and at first I thought he was going to tackle me but then I quickly reminded myself that this was Sherman NOT Leroy, and Sherman has manners and he would NEVER jump! It was hilarious to watch Sherman get so excited and while we didn’t do a full 60 minutes of “Chase Me” we did so much running that  we were both left huffing and puffing and one point I thouhgt Sherman was going to have to give me mouth to mouth!

It was cold, for that one day, and the wind was blowing in my face. We were using the flexi leash which we never use but Daddy kept me on a short leash which I think is illegal and against the purpose of the flexi leash. We got to the circle and Daddy said that he was going to run and I had to catch him. I nodded. Daddy released the lock of the flexi leash and he began to run.

And I ran right along side him. Daddy wanted me to jump on him and catch him but he never wanted me to do this before and I didn’t know if this was a test. Then I saw something darting to my left which was bad because Daddy was on my right. I ran right in front of him. He tripped over me and stumbled forward but didn’t fall down. I kept running after this object on my left and jerked Daddy to see the side when I reached the end of the leash.. But he still maintained his balance. And I saw that the object of my affection was a blowing piece of newspaper.

Daddy looked at me with that look saying we were not getting the Travelocity Gnome. “You have to run straight Pocket, even if you don’t catch me, we have to run straight.”

“Roo-ray” I said

We ran to the other side of the circle and when we got to the end Daddy clapped his hands and I jumped on him and he said that counted for catching me. Oh boy! The trip to Arruba was within our grasp.

Then something terrible happened. We ran in the other direction and a leaf blew across the road. I crossed in front Daddy again and he kicked me like a soccer ball. I yelped and rolled and Daddy stumbled and dropped to his knees and picked me up and let me lick his face. He told me I had to stop crossing in front of him.

He tried running with me again but I wasn’t feeling right from the kicking and rolling. He then picked me up and I trembled like I do when Foley and I are being left alone.

He patted my head and told me that it was all right. We were done with K-9 Kamp for the year. But what about meeting Phil at the mat? The Travelocity Gnome. Is the dream over?