Top 10 Things I Learned from Dieting with my Dog

 10. Kelly will eat whatever I feed her. It’s up to ME to make the right choices.

9. If I pretend that green peppers are yummy, I might just be able to convince my dog, too.

8. Exercise can be fun. Really. Have you ever seen the joy of a dog chasing it’s tail?

7. Walking is much more enjoyable when doing it with a friend.

6. Part of getting fit means getting out of a boring routine. It’s good for both of us to play games and get active together!

5. Even though I don’t like bread crusts, Kelly doesn’t need to eat them all. It’s okay to throw them away.

4. Kelly and I both love ice cream. And we’ll still have some…just not every day.

3. Dogs wake up with a great attitude! I can apply that to motivate me in whatever I set out to do.

2.  If I’m too busy to take my dog out for even a quick walk every day, I need to re-prioritize my schedule.

1. My dog deserves a healthy me!