Natural Redhead??

Do you think I’m a natural redhead?

Kelly dons this costume because her human brother and sister are redheads. So she wants to join the fun!


I’m happy to announce Weight Loss with a Wag Blog Book Tour! I’m so excited about these pawsome blogs hosting a stop along the way.  From Nov. 1 through Nov 18, join these blogs as they ask their own questions about dieting (for both humans and canine!), getting fit, and writing the book Dieting with my Dog! We hope you visit these stops on the tour:

Go Pet Friendly–  Nov1
Pip Gets Back in the Game–  Nov. 2
Coffee with a Canine– Nov 2
George the Lad— Nov 3
Two Little Cavaliers–  Nov 4
Foley Monster and Pocket– Nov 5
The Poodle and Dog Blog Nov. 7
Pet Blogs United– Nov 8
Julie Garmon–  Nov 9
Kol’s Notes  Nov 10
Joyful Paws  – Nov 10
This One Wild Life–  Nov 11
Grouchy Puppy– Nov 12
Cindy Lu’s Muse— Nov 14
Pet Health Care Gazette– Nov 15
I Still Want More Puppies– Nov 15
Five Sibes— Nov 16
Something Wagging this Way Comes– Nov 17
My Brown Newfies— Nov 18
All Things Dog Blog