We are having so much fun at Koly and Kelly’s K9Kamp, I can’t believe it’s week 3 already. 

It’s easy! Just jump in any time. No commitment. No sign up. You don’t have to commit to the whole 6 weeks or anything. Check out this week’s challenge just to do something different and fun with your dog! 

And don’t forget, everyone is eligible to enter to win fantastic prize packages of great dog products every week and the grand prize at the end. Be sure to read all the way to the end to enter this week’s contest!
Tug and Tone
It’s time to tone up and tug around! This one is going to really get you and your dog moving!
We recommend starting with a brisk walk to warm yourself up a bit, and stretch your muscles.

Keep reading for the complete instructions, and contest!

1. Grab a toy or rope and initiate a game of tug of war with your dog. 

2. While they are tugging, step forward, bending at knees and drop into a lunge. Keep tugging with your dog as you stand back up and then lunge again. Repeat 10 times (or whatever feels right to you!)

3. Switch legs and repeat! 
4. Cardio Break! Ask your dog to sit and drop it. Race your dog to the end of the yard/field/street to get your heart rates up, then race back to your kamping spot.

5. Resume Tug and Tone, but this time step out to the right and lower your butt into a squat. Make sure you are keeping your core stable. Squat right 10 (or whatever feels right to you) times.

6. Switch sides and repeat!

7. Another Cardio Break! Race your dog to the end of the yard/field/street to get your heart rates up, then race back to your kamping spot. 

8. Resume Tug and Tone, this time getting down in push up position, (modify: if you need to, rest your weight on your hands and knees instead) Raise your right arm and initiate tug of war with your pup! Make sure to keep your back as flat as possible and your core stable. 

9. Switch hands and repeat! 

10. Haven’t had enough? Do the entire circuit again! 
* Remember to keep your dog engaged in the game.
* After a toning session it’s important to stretch again, and take a walk to cool down.
* Need MORE of a challenge? 

    wear ankle weights
    when on the ground, try lifting the leg opposite your tugging hand and stretching it out behind you to really challenge those core muscles. 

Are you ready to Tug and Tone?
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