Pawing through the Alphabet

U is for Ugly

Ugly: Hairless, buggy eyes, blotchy skin, tufts of hair, pointy teeth, pimples, moles and warts. One red eye. Yup, I have to say that Sam was the ugliest dog in the world. And he had the credentials to prove it: he was undefeated in the World’s Ugliest Dog competition. But never fear, there are plenty more contenders out there!

Every summer pet parents bring their dogs to Petaluma California to compete in the World’s Ugliest Dog competition. The DVD, Worst in Show, documents some of the canine competitors and their quirky families. The film is not so much about what makes a dog beautiful or ugly, but about the desire to win, the love for pets, and the pros and cons of competition. And, speaking of competition, read on for your chance to win one of THREE Worst in Show DVDs!

Some of the dogs you’ll meet are Winston, a shepherd with a scar on his head, who isn’t really ugly or even homely. Rascal, an African sand dog (a hairless breed) with big ears and a blond topknot of hair. Icky, an adorably ugly Chinese crested with a Mohawk. And Pabst, a bulldog with an underbite.

While some of the pet parents are down to earth, others are fiercely competitive. Icky seems to be a crowd favorite, but you might cheer for your own favorite ugly dog as you watch. Worst In Show was directed by award winning filmmakers John T. Beck and Don R. Lewis and is distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures. Check it out on Facebook and YouTube.

And now for the Giveaway!
If you don’t win, you can always get your own copy of Worst In Show at Breaking Glass Pictures. You can even get a great discount. Enter code “PEGGY” to get $5 off the already discounted price! So here you go, here’s the contest and good luck!!


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