Pawing through the Alphabet
V is for Vermont

You might be saying, now wait a minute! What does Vermont have to do with pets? This is supposed to be Peggy’s PET Place! But I chose Vermont because I wanted to give you a sneak peak of my next book, coming soon, which is set in Vermont. AND…it involves lots of pets! The title of the book is

Dog in the Pond, Goose on the Roof

A true tale of finding faith and hope through the healing love of animals

This is a true story about one woman’s struggle to build a log home and small farm in Vermont. Getting along when the house needs a roof, the well runs dry, the truck ends up in the pond, and her husband hides beer in the pig sty isn’t easy. But it’s the quirky yet irresistible animals she embraces on the farm–and the animals from her past, as she was shuffled between 4 different mothers, a grandmother, and an orphanage–who teach her valuable lessons that help her not only endure the challenges, but ultimately find her strength and value. 

Some of the animals you’ll meet are:
Corky the faithful dog
Gertie the lovesick goose
Herkimer the ornery bull
Dr. Seuss the sad donkey
Mittens the 6-toed cat
Happy the devoted dog
Toy the intelligent parrot
Fred the bossy rooster
and more!

I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy this book. COMING SOON!