Notice tail up and tail down?

My husband and I take Brooks and Kelly on two or three daily walks together, and I’ve noticed certain differences in their styles.


Kelly walks, nose down, sniffing excitedly. Her tail is raised like a flag, and wagging the whole time. She prances excitedly, always wanting to be “first.” She meanders and weaves left to right, as if she always thinks there’s something better on the other side. She can walk politely if reigned in and reminded, but still frequently gets tangled in her leash and I have to straighten her out. Most often I don’t insist she heals, because I like her to relax and explore. However she tugs and pulls whenever she sees something exciting and barks and whines at other dogs. When she has to do her thing, she always moves to the grass on the side of the road to take care of business.


Brooks walks with his nose in the air, looking out and around. His tail is down and relaxed. He stays by my side without any tugging, and automatically adjusts his pace to mine. He enjoys running if I run, but is just as content strolling (more often, in my case!). If his leash becomes tangled, he simply steps out of it on his own. He might tug if he sees a cat, but is easily brought back by just my calling his name. The one odd thing, whenever he has to do his thing, he just stops and takes care of business right there in the middle of the sidewalk!

What do you think these behaviors say about my dogs?
What is your dog’s walking style?