Hi and welcome to Peggy and Kelly’s Wednesday Diet Tip! Can drinking diet sodas make you fat? The experts say yes! According to research by the University of Texas Health Science Center, the more diet sodas a person drinks, the more likely they are to gain weight.
I admit to a diet soda consumption habit. In fact, my diet coke drinking is way beyond what anyone would consider moderation. I pop one open for breakfast, later as an afternoon treat, with dinner and even before bed. By now I”m used to the acrid flavor, the burning aftertaste. Although somehow, diet soda doesn’t really quench my thirst. When it’s hot or I’m really thirsty, water does the job much better. So why do I continuously turn to the diet soda? I guess because it’s free– no calories! no fat! I can drink as much as I want! If all this sounds a bit addictive, I guess it is. Caffeine addiction is very real. And I guess, so is diet cola addiction.
And so, yes, water may be a healthier, more refreshing option. But for now I’m still going with the diet soda.