It’s Wednesday again! Time for Peggy and Kelly’s Diet Tip. Today it’s Kelly’s turn to focus on the canine diet. Kelly is a small-medium sized spaniel mix. She weighs about 35 lbs. It’s hard to know exactly how much she should weigh, because unlike with purebreds, there is no way to determine standard measurements for her mixed heritage. But one thing for sure, the veterinarian feels she should lose a few. You can visually assess if your dog appears to have lost her figure, or you can’t see her ribs or waist. Click HERE for other ways to tell if your dog is overweight.
Once you’ve determined that your pet should cut back, Kelly suggests always measuring the dog food. I gave Kelly one scoop in the morning and one in the evening. But when the vet told me that she should only be eating 1/2 cup at each feeding, I was shocked to realize that a scoop held as much as 2 cups! I was really overfeeding poor Kelly. So, buy a measuring cup just for your dog food (or your vet can usually provide one) and measure that food! I bet, like me, you’ll be surprised how much you were feeding before. Good luck!