Welcome to Peggy and Kelly’s Wednesday Diet Tips! We all know that vegetables are healthy. But did you know that dogs should eat their veggies too? When Kelly is pawing at her empty bowl and telling me she’s hungry, the vet recommended I give her some green beans to help fill her up. Select low-sodium varieties, because dogs can suffer health ailments from too much salt, just as we can. Instead of giving Kelly a dog biscuit to munch, when she’s craving that extra crunch I toss her a baby carrot. Sometimes she doesn’t get all that excited about it, or I find pieces hidden around behind the couch. (Just like with me; sometimes I can really get into crunchy carrots for a snack and other times I could scream.) “You’ve got to sell it,” my husband said last night, waggling the carrot in front of Kelly, pulling it away, talking excitedly “You want this carrot? You want it?!” until the dog worked herself into a frenzy and lunged for the carrot, gobbling it down like it was a t-bone. Maybe I’ll try that technique on myself when I serve my healthy lo-fat all veggie salad for lunch. Come and get it….Good girl!