Hi! Welcome to Peggy and Kelly’s Wednesday Diet Tip! There are few “diet” foods that I actually get excited about. Celery? Wheat germ? Lentils? Forget about it. But finally, I found one food that I can consume in large quantities, that is low calorie, low fat, and actually delicious: Strawberries! Sweet, juicy, a harbinger of summer; pretty much perfect. In fact, all berries are good for you. Blueberries are believed to help prevent cancer. Cranberries are good for women’s urinary health. But strawberries, pure sweet strawberries, are still my favorite. Here are some ways to enjoy strawberries this season.
1. Top with a squirt of fat free whipped topping
2. Slice over whole grain cereal
3. Serve atop a sliver of angel food cake
4. Mix slices of strawberries with slices of banana
5. Sprinkle on top of a salad, add walnuts, and dress with low fat poppyseed dressing
6. Blend with crushed ice or low fat frozen yogurt to make a slush or smoothie