Hi and Welcome to Peggy and Kelly’s Wednesday Diet Tip!
I don’t want to say that obesity in dogs is becoming a national health concern, but the news of a new diet drug–for dogs–indicates otherwise. Slentrol is the first prescription canine weight loss product in the United States. Slentrol works as similar human weight loss drugs by preventing the absorption of some fats in the body.
There’s no question, an obese dog faces the same health risks as an obese person. It’s crucial to reduce his or her girth to a healthy weight. But must we resort to medication? For most dogs, the proper amount of food and exercise should do the job. I am uncomfortable relying on a medication, with potential risks and side effects–to do what I should be doing myself with a little extra effort. But in some cases, where diet and exercise have not worked and the health risk is severe, maybe a medication is necessary. Is Slentrol right for your dog? Only you and your veterinarian together can decide.