Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup!
I wanted to start out with this. While not exactly pets, I just love this short video, especially the sound of the webbed feet on the pavement. Here’s your smile for the day:

* Leash laws: For or Against? Should dogs be able to run off-leash in national parks? The New York Times reports on laws restricting unleashed dogs to fenced-in areas in certain national parks and recreation areas. Damage of habitat is cited as one problem. In the San Francisco area, for example, dogs are being blamed for contributing to the endangerment of the mission blue butterflies and western snowy plover.

* Cloning your beloved pet: For or Against? L.A. Times tells us that businessman Peter Onruang, has paid $310,000 to have his dogs Wolfie and Bubble cloned.

* New pet technology. The Daily Kibble reviews Pet Hub, a dog tag containing ID and other information in an online presence for your dog.

* From the Huffington Post: Whose mouth is cleaner, dogs or humans?

*OC Moms, the Moms Blog, ponders Why are people choosing pets over kids?

* Enter the Name that podcast contest, over at Fully Vetted.

*One more smile for the day. Slo Mo Bath Time. Enjoy!