This is my friend Sarah’s dog, Charlie. I can’t tell if he loves all this snow or not.

*Pet Connection today has tips on protecting your dog from the big chill.

* Do you brush your dog/cat’s teeth? Do they like it? February is Pet Dental Health Month.

* For pets that sneak out under the fence, get loose, or have a knack for slipping out an open door… reports about a GPS device that can track your pets.

* Now for a smile. Life with Dogs brings us this Corgi tether ball match.

* I wasn’t going to include this, but I’m so outraged and upset. A parasailing company in Russia decided to advertise by— attaching a pet donkey to a parachute and pulling her through the air by speedboat. People below heard the donkey’s frightened braying. She survived initially, but after her terrifying ordeal, the donkey died of a heart attack, alledgedly due to the stress of the stunt. What were these people thinking?? I want to cry.

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