Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup. Kelly reminds you to take time to smell the tulips!

* Sago palm is among many plants poisonous to dogs. Some garden centers are putting up signs alerting consumers to the dangers. I like this approach by one Home Depot representative, “…It’s always best to assume that any plant not specifically sold as food should not be eaten by humans or pets.”

* I’ve never been into the wacky weed myself, but ABC reports that some veterinarians claim medicinal marijuana may be of benefit to dogs suffering from cancer.

* We’ve got winners!
1. FitDog Friday Slimdoggy Scoop- Sue Kottwitz
2. FitDog Friday Dieting with my Dog bookmark- Paws and Pedals
3. FitDog Friday The Dog Diet book and Hill’s Sweet Potato and pumpkin treats- Cascadian Nomads
4. Flea and Tick comb giveaway on Pawsitively Pets newsletter- Danielle Murgia, Gina Daw
5. And now, the deliciously coveted prize, the Pawsitively Homemade cookies goes to Felicia King, Heather Sp, and Daneille E. Congratulations, your dogs are going to love these treats.
If you are a winner, please email me your mailing address so we can get the prizes right out to you.
If you are not a winner of the flea and tick comb on my newsletter, you can enter for another chance to win here on the blog this Monday. I’ll be giving away 3 more flea and tick combs then, so stop on by!

* Finally, from the Daily Mail, these pictures of photobombing pets!

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