Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Here’s Kelly taking me for a walk. Over my shoulder is my fancy mini tote bag for containing empty (and full) little plastic poo bags!

* ABC News reports that a woman and her dog were reunited after the dog spent 53 days in the dessert. The dog went missing after a car accident in which the woman was badly injured and her husband was killed. The return of her sheltie, Dooley, is giving her the strength to recover.

* According to an article on the Huffington Post, public health official now say it is okay for LA restaurants to allow dogs to join their companions in outside dining areas.

* On the flip side, Reuters shares that new laws placing some restrictions on Tokyo’s cat cafes, where people drop in for tea and a snuggle with a cat.

* In the past I’ve written about Caboodle Ranch, the Florida cat sanctuary where hundreds of cats roam around in their own heavenly village of mini houses, nature paths and more. Today, Huffpost Miami reports that 700 sick cats were just removed from Caboodle Ranch, and authorities report inhumane conditions there.