Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Kelly and Brooks are waiting for you to come give them a hug!

* Tip for parents: Realize that puppies and babies don’t “grow up together.” Hire a Nanny blog shares an article, How to Choose a Kid-Friendly Family Dog.

* A dog tongue-scraping brush video channel now has more than 4 million views! What do you think of the videos? What do you think of the product?

* abc news brings a great report about a fat camp for dogs. I hope all of them are reading Dieting with my Dog! You work it, Magic the waffle-chip raiding yellow lab.

* Dogs aren’t the only weight-challenged pets. Steve Dale tells us that overweight cats are an epidemic.

* What about people who can’t afford pet food? krqe news 10 in Albuquerque reports on a new pet food stamps program.

* Do you like pet product giveaways? I’ve got ’em! Enter to win Bil Jac liver treats (ends Friday). And check back for upcoming giveaways:
(Friday) Organic cat nip
(Friday) Hoorag bandana
(Monday) PetCake for Dogs
(Monday) PetCake for Cats
(Thursday) Kumfy Koatz warming/cooling harness
and more coming up!

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