Hi and welcome to the first Wednesday Pet Roundup of the New Year! Brooks is enjoying the new year snow…or is he?

* From The Week, here are 9 most newsworthy dogs of 2012. Some are heroes, some are funny, some are just being dogs.

* Huff Post joins in with it’s 15 Most Important Pets of 2012. The tallest dog, the grumpiest cat, monkeys, mini-pigs and more!

* Also from Huff Post, celebrity pets of 2012.

* From Life with Dogs, this hero dog ran 4 blocks to his owner’s work to alert him that his house was on fire!

* As the students of Sandy Hook elementary return to school for the
first time since the tragedy, they will be greeted by five golden
retriever Comfort Dogs. This time a puppy in training will be joining the group. I’m sure these golden hugs will be a welcome comfort to many of these kids.

Happy 2013!