Photo courtesy of AP

Question: How many toes does the average cat have?
Answer: 18
Question: How many toes does Daniel the orange and white tabby from Milwaukee have?
Answer: 26
Find out how Daniel the cat with 26 toes is helping the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center!

* Check out USA Today’s slideshow of holiday gifts for your pet. The Rudolph dog in the car seat is adorable!

* If a pet is going to be given as a gift, experts encourage you to get the recipient involved in the decision. The HuffPost Detroit article encourages responsible pet adoption this holiday season.

* Two kittens are looking for a new home after Reagan the yellow lab found the kittens discarded in a Meow Mix bag. Skipper and Tipper have been cared for by the Raccoon Valley (Iowa) Animal Sanctuary.

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, with lots of love and attention to and from your pets!