Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Kelly and Brooks are enjoying the crisp fall weather and working off a few calories before Thanksgiving.

Here are the links for this week.

*Through love, they’re healing. 7 former Vick dogs reunited in California.

* From the Daily News, Rachel Ray has donated $500,000 and tons of food for Sandy pets and also $100,000 for people food banks. “When you make a living in food, you have to give back in the same way,” she says.

* Fun Election News: Hank the Cat, a Maine coon cat, came in third in the Virginia Senate race. He garnered 6,000 votes.

* Why do cats paw around their food bowls? Mental Floss has the answer.

*Congratulations to the winners of A Dog Named Leaf:
Kate V
Danielle M

* Friday is the launch of my brand new newsletter, Pawsitively Pets from Peggy’s Pet Place. Hope you sign up and join in the fun!