Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup!

*This month we’ve been getting fit with our dogs. We’re so excited about how all our K9 Kamp Featured Bloggers andKampers are doing! Don’t forget this Friday is the last day of Kamp. We’ll be sitting around the kampfire singing kamp songs and reminiscing about all the fun. Join in the FitDog Friday blog hop on Friday to share your K9Kamp results.

*And don’t forget to enter to win our great K9 Kamp prize package too, with leashes, glow in the dark toys, Dieting with my Dog books, and more, valued at $200!

* The Dog Time Petties awards are coming up, and there’s a category for “Best Blog Post.” If you liked my post, “When To Get a New Dog after Pet Loss” post, I’d be honored if you’d consider nominating it. To nominate:
1. Go to http://petties.dogtime.com
2. Click on Nominate
3. Scroll down to Best Blog Post
4. Paste this URL: http://peggyfrezon.blogspot.com/2013/04/when-to-get-new-dog-after-your-pet-dies.html
5. Click Submit Ballot
If you decide to nominate this post, thank you so much! At the same time, you can also nominate a rescue or shelter to win a Petties grant.

* Every pet is cute, and sometimes pets get messy too. If you have an adorable photo of your dog or cat or rabbit or ferret, you can enter it in Pruven’s “Cute but Caught” photo contest for a chance to win Pruven pet products and a $3,000 gift card. In addition, Pruven will donate to the Greg Biffle Foundation which benefits animal advocacy.  Enter the contest at http://www.pruvenpet.com/cutebutcaught.

* Speaking of contests, we had winners!
The Possibility Dogs by Susannah Charleson- Chris R, Sandy W, Angela C
Natural Balance Fat Dog food– Melissa M
Bumperpet t-shirts– Gizmo G, Deanna T
toothbrush– Deborah D

I hope you all are having a great week!