Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Kelly and Brooks are just too tired to contribute today. zzzzzz!

* Would you pay $60 or more per night for a luxury vacation for your dog while you go away? What if it included cage free accommodations, plenty of play time and trips outdoors? Fox News reports on k9 Resorts.  

* Four pit bulls were found sick and shivering in the back of a UHaul truck near Albany NY. The man charged is the same man who was charged earlier this month with torturing pitbull puppies in September. The dogs are being cared for by the Mowhawk Hudson Humane Society. Two of the puppies from the earlier case have been adopted, and one passed away.

* We sometimes encounter loose and/or aggressive dogs on our walks and while I feel anxious for my safety, I also feel worried for the dogs and wonder about their home situation. In the news recently,  allegedly aggressive dogs trapped a woman in her car and in another report, two dogs attacked hikers on a trail. What do you do when you encounter a loose dog?

* And now, because we really need a smile after all that… Mashable brings us10 dogs who love winter! Enjoy them sledding, slipping, sliding and springing through the snow!

Happy end of January. Keep thinking spring thoughts!