Brooks and Kelly help round up the pet news!

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup. We’re in the first week of k9kamp and getting fit and working hard every day. But it’s fun too. And we still had time to find you this week’s links:

* This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. So remember, don’t bite a dog. No, seriously, the WSJ online has some tips for preventing dog bites.

* Cesar Millan on Huff Post answers the question, should dog microchipping be mandatory?  What do you think?

* The Mirror, UK, reveals that hundreds of pet owls have been abandoned as the Harry Potter craze subsides. 

*Can pets help fill the empty nest? That’s what the LA Daily News reports, and that’s also a big part of my book, Dieting with my Dog.

*Don’t forget, you could win custom collars and tags, dog toys, harness and leash dog books, a dog nap mat, and more! It’s all part of the 2nd annual Koly and Kelly’s K9Kamp. Everyone can join! Get fit and have fun. And, it’s easy to enter to win great stuff too— here are where the prizes are!

* Have you seen a big black cat? A really really big black cat? According to Mercury News, citizens in the Bay Area of San Francisco report spotting a mysterious wild, 5 foot long black cat with a long tail, which some claim is a panther.