Hi and Welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup. I’m posting about love each weekday this month until Valentine’s Day. For our roundup today, I’m bringing you links from the great site Buzzfeed, all of which certainly say LOVE!

* 30 pictures of Dogs who can do Valentines Day better than you! What’s not to love?!

* Nothing shows love more than helping one another, like these 15 Animals who are Caregivers. I love the Corgi with the ducklings!

* Love animals? Love sweets? Here are 10 Crazy and Amazing Animal Cakes.

* Love a big dog? Check out 21 Dogs Who Don’t realize how big they are.  I love the dog who doesn’t want to go to the vet’s!

* Check out Imperial Cat’s new line of Valentine’s Day love themed Scratch ‘n Shapes scratcher toy! We were provided with one for our honest review (see complete review, coming soon!) Here is my daughter’s cat Cinnamon, who clearly loves the cute Valentine themed scratcher. Thank you Imperial Cat!

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