Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Kelly thinks that March came in like a lion, and Brooks hopes it will go out like a lamb.
Here are your links for this week.

* During her Google Hangout Monday, First Lady Michele Obama reminded Americans that dogs need balanced diet and exercise too. I wish I’d been in that Hangout, I would have asked her if she read my book Dieting with my Dog that I sent her!

* How do you pamper your pet? Check out pampered pets in Singapore. Cruises and spas are part of the Singapore pampered pets experience.

* Fodor’s tips for traveling with your pets. Do you know which airlines, trains, and ships allow pets, and which restrictions apply?

* Can you foster dogs with cats in the house? Petfinder shares some tips.

* Congratulations to Daraya, winner of Imperial Cat catnip and a HooRag! And Kate V., winner of the BilJac treats.  Be sure to check out the Kumfy Koatz heating/cooling harness giveaway tomorrow!

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