Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Because  there are so many great tips, news, and giveaways, I was running out of days of the week. So for now, I’m trying Wednesday Pet roundup once a month, instead of every week. I’ll check back in a while see if you think it’s working. So for this month, here are our links!

Mike and Ike enjoy ice cream for their end of summer treat.

* How cool is this? At the end of the swimming pool season, some pools are hosting a special swim day for dogs!

* And speaking of swimming–two cats swam to safety after tuna boat exploded. I’m not making this up.

* Going off to college brings on many worries…and could one of them be bed bugs? A recent college campus had to close down a dorm due to bed bugs. But MiteBuster came to the rescue, using dogs trained to detect bed bugs!

* The Fun & Furry, Fit and Healthy Book Tour is coming up Monday through the end of September. Check out the blogs hosting me as I tour my way from place to place, talking about my new book, The Dieting with my Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance. I hope you join me on the tour.

* The Consumerist says new robotic parakeets are “low maintenance pets, but kind of creepy.” What do you think?

* Winners! Winners! We’ve got winners!
In the Pawsitively Pets newsletter book giveaway–Will See You in Heaven was won by Kay Fowler and Rufus.
Winner of the Healthy Elements gift package is Susan Christy.

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