Hi and welcome to Wednesday pet roundup! Brooks and Kelly are just hanging around here hoping you’ll come on over and visit!

* Need to de-stress? Your dogs and cats can show you how. View this great slideshow of pets relaxing from Huffington Post.

*Does your dog sneak food when you’re not looking? From Time news, a study published in Animal Cognition journal finds that this demonstrates your dog’s capacity to understand human perspective.

* If you were in the hospital, would you want a visit from your pet? One Chicago area hospital has initiated pet visiting hours for patients!

* From Mashable, the world’s cutest frog. The noise he makes sounds like a kitten…or a squeaky toy. It made Brooks quite concerned and confused.

* I have a coupon for a free Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light cat litter. (value $12). First person to email me with their snail mail address (Sorry, US only please) gets it! Good luck!

*Congratulations to Jackie Bouchard, winner of The Love Dog, and Jodi Stone, winner of My Dog Says I’m a Great Cook and Gizmo, winner of PPP Pawsitively Pets newsletter subscriber’s bonus entry!

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