Wednesday Pet Roundup today is rounding up more great dog books! Today, I’d like to discuss Oprah’s list of 17 Great Books for Dog Lovers.

Two Books on Oprah’s List I Liked the Best:

* You Had Me At Woof by Julie Klam. Anyone who is involved in dog rescue, or has considered fostering a dog, must read this. Julie writes with such a wonderful friendly style, and she is so funny! Even if nothing happened, Ms. Klam could write about it in a way that makes it heartfelt and interesting to read. But plenty happens!

* Through a Dog’s Eyes by Jennifer Arnold.  I think, when you get everything down to its basic elements, dogs just want to be understood. All dogs. The good dogs. The misbehaving dogs. The frightened dogs. And if we can understand them, then we can help them and give them what they need. Jennifer Arnold is one person who understands dogs. And, by reading her book, you’ll begin to see through a dog’s eyes, too. A must-read.

Two Books on Oprah’s List I Didn’t Agree With:

* I really wanted to like Katie up and Down the Hall by Glenn Paskin. The theme –a cocker spaniel uniting the multigenerational gang in her NYC apartment complex– definitely appeals to me, but I just didn’t feel it. The writing was stiff, reporter-like, and nothing seemed to happen. I skipped past pages of dog potty training and macaroni and cheese dinners trying to get to the good stuff. There was scenes of the devastating 9-11, but it still felt like just recounting the details.

* Nose Up, Eyes Down by Merill Markoe. I seem to remember that Ms. Markoe was a writer for David Letterman, and very funny. But I didn’t enjoy her book. I never did relate to Jimmy the dog or Gil the man. Maybe it’s more of a guy’s book. I don’t know. sorry. 

Two Books on Oprah’s List I Haven’t Read But Would Like To:

* The Dog Who Couldn’t Stop Loving by Jeffrey Mousseaieff Masson.  I guess it’s that picture that does it. And the title. A dog. A boy. Love. I’m there.

* Sophie by Emma Pearse. Oh my gosh, this little Australian cattle dog fell overboard, swam the Great Barrier Reef, and made her way in a wildlife reserve. She’s had more adventures than I’ve ever dreamed of. I just hope it has a happy ending.

What about you? Which books on the list are your favorites? (See the complete list here) Which do you disagree with? Which would you add to her list, if you could?