Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup (formerly Monday Pet Roundup!) Here’s Kelly relaxing on one of our fall walks.

* Are these animal and pet photos adorable or ugly? Decide for yourself in this Huffington Post article. (me: Pygmy hippo–adorable. Naked mole rat–ugly)

* October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. When visiting a shelter, you will surely have many questions about a perspective dog. When it comes to adopting, however, remember that a good shelter may ask YOU many more questions than you ask them. CBSnews.com offers this tip and more.

* When adopting a dog, you will likely look for a pup with a sunny disposition. Can you predict a puppy’s optimism or pessimism? If so, according to an article on msnbc.com, researchers say it may help determine potential for separation anxiety. This may be helpful information when selecting a dog to adopt.

* Pet beds made from recycled water bottles, cat litter trays made from old hangers…The Baltimore Sun tells us that these are some great new products Wal-Mart is offering as a result of the store’s sustainability initiative.

* Here’s a Halloween contest for you and your pet. Just send Petango Pet Stores a photo of your pet in a great Halloween Costume and you might win a brand new iphone4, loaded with Petango’s “Find a Pet” iphone app. Good luck!

What about you? Which animals did you find adorable or ugly? Is your pup a pessimist or an optimist? And paws up and be counted, all you shelter dogs and pound puppies–give us a woof and let us know you’re here! (Happy adopt a shelter dog month!)