Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Kelly and I took a nice walk in along a little creek. She’s enjoying what little water was trickling along there. The grass hasn’t greened up yet, but the temperatures were in the 70’s…I’ll take it for March!

*This piece by Josh Dean comments on why we love our dogs so much. Of course, we don’t need to read an article to tell us that, but I really like this quote:
“And the best part of this relationship is how simple it is. While we often ask so much of them, they require almost nothing in return. You can ask your dog to chase a Frisbee, take a nap on the couch, herd some sheep, or run around a show ring and he’ll do it, happily, for hours on end. He only wants to be fed, and told he’s good, and most of all loved. If a dog has love, he really needs nothing else.”

* Can you name the Top 5 Health Issues our pets face today? Web MD reports. As you may suspect, obesity is near the top of the list. 
*Most of us know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but this article in mental floss tells us why. Can you say methylxanthines? 
(AP Photo/Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species)
*The Boston Globe reports on this test tube kitten, the wild black-footed cat. Check it out (left)…it’s the world’s smallest wild cat, even smaller than a domestic cat.