Waiting for a treat!

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Just a short one today, as everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving. Even Kelly is looking for some special cookies as a treat!

*A new AP-Petside poll says that most people get their pets:
1. As a gift
2. Taking in a stray
3. Breeder
4. Shelter
5. Pet Store
Both “breeder” and “shelter” were equal, with about 30% of the people acquiring their pets those ways. About 15% of people still buy their pets from a pet store, despite awareness of puppy mills.

* Check out this dog I saw waiting for its human at the grocery store. He was hanging all the way out the fully open window. I can’t believe he didn’t jump out, but he stayed right there, not budging a muscle. I don’t feel great about cars being left alone in cars, but this sentry was doggone cute!

**And now, the winner of the Pawprint Rubber stamp, chosen the old fashioned way by drawing a slip of paper with a name on it out of a hat! And the winner is, Pamela of Something Wagging this Way Comes. Congratulations! Email me your mailing address and the name you would like on your stamper, and I will send it on in to The Rubber Stamp Man. Thank you to everyone who entered.