Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Here’s my son walking the dogs on a nice crisp fall day. And here are your links for this week:

*The Detroit News reports that pets inadvertently set more than 500 house fires in the US every year. Be careful with your jack-o-lantern candles around pets.

* Doggy treadmills, pet pedometers, other products cater to obese pets. From Huff Post. Maybe I need to consider some combo-packaging along with Dieting with my Dog!

* Some people think black cats are bad luck. But they get a bad rap. Here are 50 of the cutest adoptable black cats from Pawnation and Petfinder.

* Don’t forget the Be the Change for Animals, Three Little Cavaliers, and PetCo campaign to help rescue pets. All you do is tweet….Your tweet will raise $1 for rescue pets. Easy as that!

* Still time to enter to Win pet photo cards by Minted worth $65! Contest ends Monday.