Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Kelly is sitting around waiting for the grass to grow.  And instead of watching the grass grow, how about checking out some of these newsy links?

* According to Forbes, the average family spends more on their pets than on a child’s K-12 education.

* How do you select your pet? Mother Nature Network reveals that most people choose their pet based on appearance. Check out one shelter’s system for making good matches.

* From Boston.com: Meow the cat weighs 40 lbs. That’s more than my dog Kelly weighs!

* Dog crate on the car roof? The Huffington Post reveals some other unfathomable means of transporting dogs in cars in the past…including strapping them in a sack on the running board.

* Also from the Huff Post, pet stores in LA may soon be required to sell only rescue dogs, cats, rabbits if the new bill passes. Take that, puppy mills!